Our charts are kept up to date on a daily basis and there are over 5,000 in stock at any one time. The procedures in place allow our skilled correctors to maintain the highest, ADMIRALTY audited standards.

This comprehensive stock is supported by a network of Print on Demand facilities around the world ensuring unrivalled, immediate availability.

Corrected ADMIRALTY charts, US charts from NOAA and AGA, Australian, Japanese, Indian and Chinese charts are all stocked, as are charts from various other hydrographic offices from around the world.


CORNES JAPAN , CORNES SINGAPORE is an official International ADMIRALTY Chart Agent.

ADMIRALTY produces over 3,300 Standard Nautical Charts and a wide range of thematic charts for specialist use.

Standard Nautical Charts cover the open ocean and coastal passages, port approaches and harbour berthing and are available in a range of scales. Standard Nautical Charts are constantly updated with new prot developments and have global coverage.

Standard Nautical Charts produced by ADMIRALTY comply with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations and are used for passage planning, ocean crossings, coastal navigation and entering port. Mariners routeing guides provide advice on route planning in complex areas such as the English Channel, Gulf of Suez and the Malacca and Singapore Straits.


ChartCo, as the number one global supplier of navigational charts and publications have agreements in place with the relevant national authorities to enable us to supply you with all your navigation and IMO SOLAS chart and carriage requirements. In addition to the ADMIRALTY charts we supply, we are official distributors of:
  • US Charts
  • Canadian Charts
  • Dutch Charts
  • Norwegian Charts
  • Russian Charts
  • Australian Charts
  • Japanese Charts
  • Indian Charts


We supply a full range of charts designed for the leisure user. Our leisure charts and publications products include ADMIRALTY Leisure Products designed for yachtsmen and small watercraft users and also Imray nautical charts and books. These charts are all specifically designed for use on a small vessel, yacht and other leisure craft, and contain the latest, high quality, navigational information that the larger marine navigation charts offer.

All our products and equipment can be purchased online through Bookharbour however please do call us for all your fleet and vessel needs, our services and any other requirements you have.


Charts are continuously being updated, sometimes with a number of corrections needed for each chart along a route. The workload is high especially when it comes to a vessel carrying many charts covering multiple routes. ChartCo has an extensive tracings service that addresses this very issue, removing the burden from the mariner and providing a reliable method of ensuring up to date folios of charts.

Tracings are distributed weekly or at other intervals according to requirements and can be shipped directly to vessels or consolidated for delivery to offices of shipping agents.

  • Efficient and accurate correcting method.
  • Up to 90% time saving in chart correction process.

ChartCo was the first to commercialise the production of tracings in early 1971 and have become the benchmark in chart correcting and a brand to be trusted. We produce approximately 10,000 tracings per year along with notice to mariners updates that we distribute across the world covering ADMIRALTY, US charts and other official charts from national hydrographic offices.

ChartCo is quality and service focused and has Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2004 accreditations. The tracings team operates under strict quality controls to compile masters and produce tracings packs all of which are printed in the UK.